If your significant other was killed, would you revenge on the criminal?
BOND leads people retaliating for one who was loved


IKI means (stylish)

An LA-based theatre company whose goal is to manage and produce entrainment of all genres. With actors of multi-cultual background, we put together pieces filled with history, humanism, justice, action, comedy, tragedy, and human drama in a fashionable taste. Our performers all seek to be dynamic and convey the story in a powerful way. The character IKI (粋) consists of the letter Rice (米) and Ninety (九十), meaning that the ears of rice are at 90% in their growth. Once the rice ears reach 100% in their growth, they begin to fall, so at 90% we will always be heading upward. This is the concept of our company - as long as we exist, we shall never stop progressing.



AUG 10-12,17-19,24-26